Writers’ Toolbox

Full List of Book Conferences & Literary Meets in 2018

Book Conferences and Literary Meets are great events you can sign up for, to network with fellow authors, meet literary agents, publishers and editors, and even meet readers who are into your genre.

With a bit of planning you can even sign up to rent out space/stalls in these events to do a spot of book signing.

Author Media Kit Template

Media Kits are perfect information capsules to hand out to book bloggers, journalists, reviewers, bookstores, publishers, editors and potential clients.

This 6-page template includes customizable author bio, book detail shetts, FAQ sheet and Features and Events sheets, that can be filled out and sent as PDFs or printed documents. And it’s totally free to download and use!

This is the exact template I use for my work and give to my clients to use, as well.

Pre-Made Book Cover Sources

Custom book covers can get expensive. So, here’s a list of website which stock premade covers (for both ebook and paperback) in all genres. These covers are affordable, can be paid for and downloaded, edited and then published for your book. Some of them even offer services to do all the cover edits on your behalf.

List of Book Bloggers

Get an extensive list of active book bloggers who are willing to read your books and provide you with a genuine review on their blogs, which can then be read by their followers.

The list is sorted according to genre and is an invaluable resource when it comes to planning blog tours, virtual book tours and ARC campaigns, which are brilliant way to boost book sales. And it’s free to download!


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