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Bios are hard, so let’s do this FAQ style.

 If your name’s Amrita then why does it say “amman.c” on your email and other accounts?
Because my folks call me “Amman”. The “C” is just the last name’s initial. Bengalis have this culture of giving nicknames to their children and my parents chose to name me after the capital city of Jordan.

They named my brother, Rio, after the city in Brazil.

No, I don’t know why.

 I’m a writer, an aspiring author, in fact. How can you help me?
Given my experience working closely with publishing houses and my designing chops, you can get your book cover or interior format designed by me. Prices depend on genre and the extent of design development.

I do manuscript editing (both copy and developmental), although I am picky about the books I choose to edit. I am a firm believer in compatibility and I will always do a free sample edit (3000 words) of your manuscript to see if we’re a good fit.

My expertise lies in:
Contemporary YA/NA/Adult Fiction, Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Thriller/Mystery/Murder Fiction, Creative Nonfiction/Humor, Speculative Fiction limited to Fantasy/Dystopian/Sci-Fi.

I am not an expert at:
Horror/Supernatural Fiction, Pure Romance/Erotica, General Nonfiction, Spiritual/Educational/Business Guides, Children’s Books, Graphic Novels.

My charges are:
1 cent/word for copy editing
2 cents/word for developmental editing

I occassionally coach writers with their writing, audience building, book marketing and self-publishing needs. In fact, I’ve even written a book on it! There’s an extremely helpful bog I maintain, on book marketing and writing. You should definitely check that out.

If you want to discuss a project, or have more questions, just drop an email at

 And why exactly should I hire you?
I love to write. Always have, since I could clutch a pencil. This love of mine led me to write for quite a few publications and literary journals, like The Lonely Planet, Honest Cooking, the Nottingham Post, The Bangalore Mirror, Graffiti, The Huffington Post, Bridge Eight, Hippocampus Magazine, TechinAsia and so on. I was also editor for both my high school and college magazines.

I am currently working on my first novel. To stay updated with my work and published pieces, you can follow me on Instagram at @thesubjectivist.

About seven years ago, I got commissioned as an editorial assistant at a very big publishing house (can’t reveal for legal purposes). And have since worked with quite a few publishing houses in UK and India, as a commissioned editor. All part-time.

In the beginning of 2017, I decided to go freelance and help new authors navigate the industry. I added a book design service to my studio.

 What studio? Do you have a day job or something?
Yes. I’m an Architect and Interior Designer by day.

I have a Masters Degree in Architecture. My career has taken me to work on luxury hotels, retail and high-end residential projects based in London, Mumbai, Kolkata, Beijing, Nottingham and Paris.

I have, over the last three years, built Studio Amrita C from scratch, into a multi-disciplinary design studio. Today, we’re a team of 5 architectural and interior designers, 2 graphic designers to handle all book design projects and and, an art advisor who helps clients, interior designers and real estate companies with their art acquisitions, collections, and staging requirements.

 Art acquisitions? You’re into art too?
Another hobby of mine that’s turned into a side gig. Art is why I chose to be an Architect in the first place. It’s a way to express myself when I don’t have the right words.

My style is abstract and tries to reflect discomfort and unfinishedness. My pieces are always imperfect and incomplete. Like life.

Take a look at my art collection.

Many of my design clients are art enthusiasts and they have supported my work through the years, which I’m extremely thankful for.

 What else are you thankful for?
Pizza. Babyback ribs. My family. GoT. Airplanes.

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